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What to Do When Your Kids Push Your Buttons

Our guest today is a parenting and child behaviour specialist. She has designed and taught parenting workshops and counselled parents for more than 3 decades. Founder of the Parent Guidance Center in Peterborough, now The River Center, she has been dedicated to parenting education, support and community connections.

The author of two books, When Your Kids Push Your Buttons and Confident Parent, Remarkable Kids, our guest speaks and teaches internationally and has appeared on many television and radio programs and podcasts including the Today show and the New York Times. For me, our guest today, simply gets it. She understands the frustration of trying to get our kids to listen and behave. She understands the guilt we can feel as we slip from our intention of a happy connected family into chaos and conflict. She gets into the everyday trenches of parenting with us and is skilled at showing us all that our children are our greatest teachers, hear to help us identify where we are still yet to grow.

In this interview we discuss

  1. What is at the root of our triggers?
  2. The real cause of Parent-Deafness
  3. Common buttons and how we react
  4. Power Struggles
  5. How do we begin to defuse our button and respond instead of reacting to our kids?
  6. Why we need to be kind and patient with ourselves too
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