What Exactly is an Empowered Kid?

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What does it mean to Raise Empowered Kids?

Oxford dictionary defines empowerment as “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life”.

When I think of raising empowered kids, I ask myself what do I want them to be empowered to do exactly? What do I want them to be stronger at more confident at? The answer that comes from within is I want them to be empowered to live the life they were meant to, to live their best life.

But what exactly is required in order to support our kids to live their best lives.?Success leaves clues and after studying the lives of successful people you’ll find 3  core areas that they master.

  1. We need to teach kids how to master their minds. To master your mind means to know that you cannot believe everything you think, that your job is to retain childlike curiosity and question everything. It means knowing that the way you see the world, your version of reality is just that – it’s a version and will never hold the whole truth. To master their minds, we need to teach kids how to control their thoughts and the voices inside their heads and how to use them to create positive emotions.
  2. Kids need to learn how to master their emotions. To master their emotions kids need to learn how to use their emotional system as a guidance tool. They need to learn to be comfortable with the full range of their emotions and listen to the messages that each emotion brings for them so they can use it to find their way back to their peak state. Kids need to feel competent, that they have the ability to manage and sit with all of their emotions including the darker ones like anger and sadness.Emotions are a gift that our bodies possess to help us work out when we are thinking in alignment with our greatest values and desires. They live on a scale the more positive they are the more aligned your thoughts and core values are, the more negative they are the further away you are from alignment.  Teaching kids how to tune in and identify where they are on their emotional scale and then to recognise what the emotion means for them, helps them to retain their inner power. They learn that their happiness is not dependant on external circumstances but on their own mastery of their thoughts and emotions.
  1. Finally, kids need to learn to master their actions. To master their action kids need to develop a growing level of self-awareness and self-discipline. They have to use both their mastery of their thoughts and emotions to do what is right even when it feels difficult to do so. They have to be able to choose what is right without having to be told what to do. Kids that master their actions have the grit and resilience needed to keep going no matter what life throws at them. Added to their mastery of thought and emotions these kids know their true value comes from within and don’t let life or others define who they are and what they are capable of, but persevere with a drive and determine that guarantees success in whatever endeavour they choose.

What’s the secret to raising kids that are empowered with this level of mastery? You have to recognise that words don’t teach. You have model what it looks like to master your thoughts, your emotions, your actions and your life.

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