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The Truth About Taming Tantrums

Today we’re Joined by Dr. Harvey Karp. Dr. is one of America’s most-trusted paediatricians and child development experts who literally saved my sanity through the toddler years.

My biggest and most profound take away from his work was that everyone, no matter their age, has a deep desire to feel heard and seen. He also showed me that when in distress, emotion trumps logic. Our role in supporting our children through their emotional upset is to help them lean into their feelings by showing them it is safe to feel all of it, no matter how scary. The journey ultimately led me to the realisation that in order to show my kids how to lean into all of their emotions, I would first have to learn to lean into my own.

In this episode Dr. Karp and I explore tantrums from toddler to teens. You’ll find some key tips to help you rethink your approach to supporting your kids when their emotions get the better of them.

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