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The Power of Forgiveness

Today’s guest is an author, speaker and personal coach who holds degrees in a wide range of healing modalities including psychology and Neuro‐Linguistic Programming.

As a mum, coach, teacher and friend our guest plays full out. Her openness, her courage and willingness to be vulnerable makes her a powerful advocate for love and light. As a speaker she is dynamic and inspirational, hitting home with some inconvenient truths that move you beyond the ah ha of a moment to take inspired action. Her work speaks volumes and has been featured on the Lifetime Television Channel, touched clients from diverse backgrounds, including Fortune 500 Executives, Academy Award Winners, and several New York Times Best Selling Authors.
It’s my pleasure to introduce you all to a member of the Executive Leadership Board of the Agape International Spiritual Center who shares her spiritual growth and healing with great humour and light-heartedness and embraces the mantra “Give as You Go” in all that she does, Rev Julie Moret.
In today’s episode we cover:

1. The definition of forgiveness
2. Why should we practice forgiveness?
3. Are there some things that we should just never try to forgive because the events themselves were so terrible?
4. Why does it seem harder to forgive ourselves than to forgive others at times?
5. How can we create/cultivate a habit of forgives in our lives?
6. How can we guide our kids to develop a forgives practice for themselves?

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