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The Impact of Parenting on Our Beliefs

Today’s guest, Shelly Lefkoe has spent over 3 decades working to help thousands of clients improve their lives by working on issues such as procrastination, the fear of public speaking, the inability to stand up for oneself, to more serious problems such as depression, the inability to get a relationship to work, eating disorders and anxiety of all types.

Working side by side with her husband Morty, they learned that many of the beliefs that contributed to their clients’ problems were formed during childhood often by well-intentioned parents. As a result, the connection between what parents do, the beliefs that children form, and how these beliefs affect their lives as adults sparked Shelly’s desire to tackle the root of the problem. While providing a cure, her devotion to prevention underpins her commitment and passion to change how we parent.

Shelly’s mission is to help parents empower their children to be all that they can be so that they can thrive both in childhood and adult life while making parenting easier, fun and more fulfilling.
Shelly has been instrumental in shifting the way we see ourselves and our role as parents.

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