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The Beliefs That Power Your Parenting – The Good, The Bad & The Oh No

Vishen Lakihani took a dream, an old laptop and a burning desire to help us all be more of who we really are and turned into an empire that fuels love, connection and impact.

Bestselling Author of the Code of the Extraordinary mind, founder of Omvana one of the top apps for meditation and the ever-powerful Mindvalley community, Vision is on a mission to help us change the way we learn and teach our kids.

His passion to help us learn how to master ourselves infuses everything that he does and Mindvalley has become the go-to place for learning how to master our minds, our bodies our soul connection, our relationships and our impact.
From a simple startup where his cat was featured as part of his staff, he has grown a multinational organisation with over 230 people from over 46 countries that transform the lives of millions across the globe.

Today Vishen, shares his thoughts on parenting and how we can shift our mindset, move out of the box and rethink how we guide and educate our children.

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