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Teach Kids to Develop Control with Erin Clabough

Today’s guest is an author, who holds a PhD in neuroscience. As an assistant professor, she teaches developmental biology and neurobiology and heads an active research program that investigates questions about how the brain functions. She is also interested in incorporating neuroscience principles into the classroom, in service-learning, and in providing hands-on learning experiences. She writes for Psychology Today, mindbodygreen, TODAY Parenting, and many other publications.

For me, Her dedication to her work is evident as she pursued her PHD while having her 4 kids who are roughly 2 years apart from each other (that in itself deserves a medal in my book). Actively working to help parents and kids understand the way their brains develop her mission is to help families relate to each other better, with greater empathy, creativity and self-control so that we can all raise kids that can thrive.

It is my pleasure to introduce you all to the amazing Erin Clabough

In this interview we discuss

  1. The Science of how kids Learn
  2. What the research shows about punishment and the development of self-control.
  3. 3 Core Skills Your Kids Need to Thrive in a new fast-paced world.
  4. The Difference between self-control and self-regulation
  5. Self-Control as it relates to emotional expression
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