Super Reading Jr.

Join the award-winning program from Ron Cole.  

Super Reading helps kids to :

1. Improve how they absorb anything they learn,
2. Read at least 2x faster and
3. Get An Edge in Every Area of Life

Used by Over 30 Universities to Coach
Excellence in Reading

At EmpoweredKidsTV we believe that no child should be left behind. A lack of interest in reading plagues many kids because they were never taught how to effectively read. In an age where lifelong learning is essential for success, it’s become critical for us to help kids close this gap.

The award-winning Super Reading program has been used to help thousands of kids reignite their love for learning and propelled their academic success. Even if they have dyslexia or most other learning challenges, SuperReading delivers.

Imagine your child being happy to read and study, because it’s fun, takes less time and they have great memory tools to use. You’ll have a long-term strategy that makes learning exciting.

Super Reading puts comprehension first.

A comprehensive online reading course utilising an innovative eye exercise designed to increase reading speed and comprehension.

Proven results

Verified by university studies showing statistically significant improvement in students’ reading ability

Improve comprehension

Recall text more effectively by training your eye to hop, instead of gliding, over text

Increase speed

Eye-Hop reduces sub-vocalization (pronouncing words in our head) and more.

The genius of the Super Reading program is that it stacks innovative neurostimulation techniques onto proven memory retention and speed reading methods.

As a result, both the left and right hemispheres of your brain are triggered at the same time – which instantly commands the brain to crave more information, and open up new space for it.

Your child then starts absorbing new information at an amazing rate, so that they aren’t just reading more…

They’re learning more, comprehending more, and retaining more in less time.

All through a simple step-by-step process that anyone can easily follow in just a few minutes a day.

Super Reading Stories...

What's So Special?

You may be wondering what SuperReading has that every other intervention is missing.
There are three things.

#1 Super Reading is NOT Speed Reading. Seed reading puts the emphasis on speed. Super Reading puts the emphasis on comprehension. Comprehension is King!

Kids will access a set of tools and strategies that are simply the best practice for reading, learning and studying. They are each learnable in just a couple of minutes. Alone, they are amazing, but would not fully answer the call to help slow readers or dyslexics.

#2 The second is our testing. We do rigorous testing of reading skills before, during and at the “end” of the course. We measure Reading Effectiveness- a combination of speed, comprehension and accurate recall.

#3 Third, there is Eye-Hop. This is a series of exercises designed to empower people to read multiple words at a glance (or ‘saccade’). Eye-Hop breaks sentences and paragraphs into groups of words, which the reader absorbs as if they were hyphenated. We start with 2-Word Eye-Hop. Once mastered the reader moves up to 3-Word Eye-Hop, then 4-Word and finally 5-Word plus. By this time (about 20 to 30 hours of practice) the reader has overcome the SubVocalization Barrier. That is the speed limit beyond which the person is incapable of pronouncing all the words in their head. For adults it’s around 300 words per minute.