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You’ll discover transformational wisdom and ideas not yet covered in mainstream learning. And you’ll connect with the world’s best teachers and community. All on one revolutionary online learning platform. 

Breakthroughs for every area of your family life

EmpowerLife Academy Membership is designed to transform every area of your family life. You now have access to the best coaches, training and programs in the world.

Your Coaches
With Teachers Like These, You'll Never Want To Graduate

EmpowerLife Academy brings you the world’s best teachers in every category of your transformation. Whether it’s support through the parenting journey, building more connection in your intimate relationships, building emotional mastery within your family, facing the challenges that ripple through life from divorce to trauma and grief, creative problem solving, supporting your teens to thrive- we seek out the top coaches and leaders in the world and bring them into our ecosystem so you always learn from the very best in the field. Here are some of the amazing coaches within the Academy.

How to start your journey

1. Take the self assessment

EmpowerLife Academy Membership begins with a family life assessment that helps you identify where you’re thriving and where you need to apply more deliberate focus and attention.

This assessment helps you get an honest, structured roadmap for your journey towards creating the family of your dreams.

2. Download the app and login

Download the EmpowerLife Academy app from Google Play, or Apple. You can also access all your content on your computer at empowerlifeacademy.com. Create an account and you’re good to go. All programs will be available for you.

3. Choose Your Program

Choose from our library of programs. Set aside 1 hr a week as your ‘EmpowerLife Time.’

4. Join the community

Our community platform allows you to interact with other students and ask questions, start discussions, share posts or just find a learning buddy.

What You’ll Learn

The World’s Best Education In Family Personal Transformation Is Now In Your Hands. What Will You Do With It?

What’s the best thing that money can buy? For many, it’s self-evolution. When you improve and grow yourself – everything else grows with you. Your intimate relationships, your kids, your life quality, and your ability to shape your destiny. Nothing else will impact the quality of your life like the quality of your family relationships.

This is why family personal development is the best education decision you can make. And in the entire industry, no one matches the quality of EmpowerLife Academy. With EmpowerLife Academy Membership, you now get access to world leading psychologists, neuroscientist, epigenetics leaders, researchers and coaches – all from the comfort of your home for ONLY $6.99 a month.

You Don’t Have to Make Up Your Mind
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If you’re not overjoyed with your experience, you can cancel your trial anytime with one-click refund. We believe in our programs so much we make cancellation incredibly easy with just one click. No hurdles, no delays, no questions asked.

What You Get

✔Access to EmpowerLife 
✔Academy Masterclasses and level 1 programs

✔Access to unlock premium programs to dive deeper with world leading teachers.
✔Weekly EmpowerLife Academy Live sessions featuring today’s biggest trainers, bestselling authors, and celebrities.
✔Access to EmpowerLife Academy private social network, where you can connect, share wisdom, and grow with fellow members in your city and around the world
✔One-click refund in the first 14 days so your purchase is a 100% safe.