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How to Move from Overwhelm to Mindful Intention

In Trinidad, we have a saying “Spinning top in mud”. It means to be working hard but not being effective at all. That is how I feel every time I slip into overwhelm. I use the word slip because it seems to creep on me each time, like an unexpected and unwelcome surprise. 

Our guest today, Mallika Chopra shares her journey from overwhelm to mindful intention. As the daughter of Deepak Chopra, you may be tempted to think that she escaped such feelings, but in this interview, Mallika shares how her never-ending to-do list as a wife, mum and author caused her to slip into overwhelm as well. 

In this interview, we discuss

  1. What does living with intent mean to you?
  2. Mallika’s lesson from Ekhart Tolle.
  3. How did your childhood shape the habits you created for intentional living?
  4. Do you think that there are elements of your childhood that made it easier for you to regain your balance as you strived to live with more intent as an adult?
  5. Is there anything that Maillka does differently with her girls to help them retain their habits that foster a life of intent?
  6. The habits we should all cultivate to cultivate a life of INTENT
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