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Discover How To Get Your Kids to Cooperate & Reduce the Arguments Without having to Yell, Threaten or Resort to Consequences. 

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Join over 13 of the Leading Experts in Family Psychology, Coaching, Neuroscience and Epigenetics. They guide you through The Most Effective Family Connection Secrets to Rapidly Overcome Conflict and leave Your Kids Open to Guidance.

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What is The Connected Family Blueprint?

The Connected Family Blueprint is an 8-week, interactive multimedia training program that teaches a research-based relationship building approach to parenting. Parents learn how to guide their kids more effectively, reduce conflict and improve the team like cooperation within their families.
Whether you’re a new parent or a parent of teens, The Connected Family Blueprint will challenge you to interact and connect at your highest level. It’s designed to turn your parenting approach into a force that uplifts, empowers and inspires your kids to be their best selves.
The Connected Family Blueprint is not just another "online parenting program" of tools and techniques.
It is NOT about getting your kids to listen to you...
 - Yet through this program, you’ll learn how to create a sense of cooperation in your home that will see your kids behaving more responsibly.
It is NOT about tactics to get your kids to behave the way you want them to...
- Yet this program will support kids as they strive to be their best selves, better than any threat or star chart ever could.
The Connected Family Blueprint is a Way of Life.









How Does The Program Work?

The Connected Family Blueprint training is released in weekly modules and consist of easy-to-follow videos, weekly Empowered Actions, Power Exercises, and Workbooks. All course materials are online, contained in the private Empower Academy member only site. You can view the training videos, connect with other parents, and compare progress and experiences with others.

The Program also includes interactive components like “Village Talk Time” where Nicole Telfer (Founder of EmpoweredKids) answers questions and offers guidance to ensure that all parents in the program take consistent action and receive the highest value for their family.

Plus, you can retake the program for free each year, for as long as the program exists.

The program will require about 4-6 hours of your time each week. This allows you to go through the videos and complete the assignments to support skill development and new family habits.


What Sets The Connected Famiy Blueprint Apart From Any Other Program?

|1Lifetime Access: Retake Program Again And Again, For FREE!

Families change as they grow. Each year you’ll face new firsts, new challenges with their own set of highs and lows. We recommend that families complete this program once a year to help realign their vision and create the adjustment to their rituals and habits that will keep them on track. That’s why for as long as the program is in existence, you can retake the program year after year at no additional charge.

|2  Research-Based Guidance

Many parents have fallen prey to the media’s “experts”, not questioning the impact their techniques have on kids. 

This program seeks to transcend entertainment and recognise that parenting is a relationship. Relationships don’t lend themselves to tricks and strategies.  In this program experts that have spent years researching what works to support happy and healthy families will share a proven approach to building deep connections.

|3 Extraordinary Customer Care

Our Village Support team is unparalleled.

You’ll enjoy the family feel of the team who will take care of you with understanding, honesty and respect.






|4 Dedicated Coaching to Guide You

In The Connected Family Blueprint, you won’t be left to figure things out on your own. Dedicated coaching calls will answer your questions, challenge you to stretch further, look within deeper and inspire you to stay in action.

|5 World-Class Community

Our Village is filled with extraordinary families. Simply stated, there’s no other program that maintains such high standards of kindness, non-judgement and support among its members.

|6 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Connected Family Blueprint is backed with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. You can rest assured that your investment is safe with us.


Who is This Program For?

Whether you want to tame your toddler’s tantrums, help your kids with challenges at school, or manage their emotions more effectively, or have your teen be open to your guidance through the turbulent adolescence years rather than shutting you out; The Connected Family Blueprint will help you:

  • Define a family vision & help you use it to reduce fights & create cooperation. 
  • Encourage calm & kind communication with different personalities & opinions.
  • Respond in positive ways & better manage all your kids' emotions. 
  • Identify the best time to teach & times when you are wasting your breath.
  • Uncover why you must teach self-discipline and how to guide your kids to it.
  • Identify why kids are so good at pushing your buttons & how to stop yelling. 
  • Find deeper connection & build an unstoppable team like spirit in your family.

And you’ll do all of this in a way that’s fully aligned with your family’s values.





 The Core Curriculum

The Connected Family Blueprint is an intensive and challenging 8-week program. There are no shortcuts to building strong, powerful relationships.

Creating a family dynamic that can withstand and thrive through the challenges of a fast-paced word, requires focus, courage and a great sense of vulnerability. Most of all, it requires the commitment to take consistent action and a willingness to look past short-term gain for the bigger objective.


How to create a Family Vision that Boots Cooperation and Reduces Arguments


Kristin Mackey takes us through the importance of building a family vision.

You would never start a business without a business plan. Yet so many of us have no structured vision for our families that we can’t tell when we are on or off track until the pain becomes visible. The first step is getting very clear together as a family, on what your ideal family dynamic looks and feels like. 


How to Shift your Parenting Approach to Raise Confident, Self-Assured Kids That are Not Entitled 

Dr. Shefali Tasbary and Dr. Bruce Lipton share why it's critical to shift our view of parenting.

Why should we change our parenting anyway? What is the impact on our kids if we continue to parent the way that we always have? More importantly what is required to raise kids that are confident, resilient, self-assured, who know their own purpose and can live with passion and compassion.


How to Determine Why Your Kids Behave the Way They Do and Make Changes Where Needed

Sharing her learnings from Tony Robbins, Nicole Telfer walks us through the 6 core Human Needs and how they impact our families.

Nicole shares the principles of the 6 Human Needs adding insights that support families. Understanding each other’s needs is at the basis of bridging the connection gap. We all want to feel like we matter to those close to us, but how we feel like we matter is dependant on our dominant needs. Do you know yours? Do you know your kids’ dominant needs? You may be surprised by what you uncover in this module.


How to Help Your Kids Manage All Their Emotions in Positive Ways

Dr. Gabor Mate and Rebecca Thompson-Hall show why it's imperative to connect first if we are to be effective parents. 

Fundamental to happy, effective families, true connection is foreign to many of us. It requires a willingness to accept each other, to be vulnerable and to trust each other in ways that heal, liberates and empowers.  Discover the impact of connection on everyday parenting challenges and begin to see each other differently. 


How to Reduce Arguments and Fights and Build Greater Team Spirit in Your Family

Sandi Schwartz guides us to understand our own and our kids' temperament and shows us how to tap into our unique gifts as we create a powerful team.

Can we really love unconditionally? While many parents will be quick to say yes, we’re also busy trying to get our kids to flex and adjust their behaviour so that they are more pleasing to us. Unconditional love starts with a desire to know each other for who we really are and to honour our uniqueness and the impact we each bring to the family unit.


How to Stop Yelling & Threating and Automatically Respond in Positive Ways      

Ramp packed with guidance this module provides support from Byron Katie, Vishen Lakhiani, Brad Yates and Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Making changes to relationship dynamics that are deeply rooted in our own childhoods can be tricky at best. In this module, we provide a host of support all aimed and allowing you to make the changes you desire effectively and ensure they become a permanent shift forward for your family.


How to Instil Discipline in Positive Ways & Help Kids Do What They Need to Without Fussing

Dr. Gorden Neufeld is outstanding as he teaches us to tap into our true parental power and guide our kids using natural discipline. 

We’ve misused the word discipline for so long that its difficult to understand it as guidance. All discipline should lead to self-discipline. This requires us to teach kids how to tune in their full range of emotions and express them with openness, honesty and kindness. To learn that, they need to have great models. After all isn’t that how they’ve learned everything else?


How to Have the Energy You Need to Parent with Greater Calm, Patience, Understanding & Fun

Dr. Richard Davidson, Rhiannon Colarossi and Helen Butler show us how to create both inner and outer calm that fosters true wellbeing. 

It’s important that we create both inner and outer spaces that foster wellbeing. As parents, it allows us to serve while being at our best and allows the family to thrive. 


You’re Protected By Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

This program has the power to profoundly change your life and your family’s life forever. That’s not sales talk — that’s based on results from parents who stayed in action and created massive change with this program. 

The tuition for lifetime access to the program is £657 if you pay in full and simple, extended payment plans are available during registration. Yes, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We’re confident that if you do the work, you’ll get enormous benefit from this program. And we’re happy to back that up with our risk-free guarantee.



Family Life will most likely always be a bit chaotic, but you can have Greater Ease, Greater Joy and Greater Cooperation. Create the Family Interactions You and Your Kids Deserve!






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