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The Future Of Family Education

Schools cannot prepare our kids for the future they will inherit.
It’s time to close the gap!

Traditional education has become irrelevant in many ways, Help your kids learn the skills that truly matter to their success and happiness. From the best teachers in the world on a campus that transcends borders of every kind. 

EmpoweredKidsTV's Programs
Ignites the Best in Your Family

EmpoweredKidsTV creates the world’s best programs in family education, helping you support your kids to be their very best in every area that matters.
Learn from and give your kids access to the best teachers on our powerful science-based learning platform. 

EmpoweredKidsTV Education Model

While the world has changed, what parents want for their kids has remained the same at its core, we all want our kids to be happy, healthy and successful at the things that bring them joy and fulfillment.  

Parenting in the way we were raised however, means we are preparing them for an era long gone. 

Our kids need a host of new skills if they are to thrive, in this new, fast-paced, dynamic world and that means we need to guide them in new ways. 

We teach you how to help your kids thrive in this new world- with education that really matters for 2021 and beyond. 

Featured Programs

Super Reading Jr.

Join the award-winning program from Ron Cole. The Super Reading Jr. helps kids instantly absorb anything they learn, read at least 2X faster and get an edge in every area of life. 

At EmpoweredKidsTV we believe that no child should be left behind. A lack of interest in reading plagues many kids because they were never taught how to effectively read. In an age where lifelong learning is essential for success, it’s become critical for us to help kids close the gap. 

Teen Power

Global change and new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality are disrupting work and careers. Traditional education is unable to prepare our kids for these changes. 

Throw in the impact of a global pandemic and our kids are left short of the critical skills they need to thrive. 

Teen Power closes that gap. We help kids build their confidence, emotional intelligence, social and communication skills while learning how to set life-changing goals and build the tools to go out and achieve them. 

EmpoweredKidsTV Supports Your Family To Be Your Best , In Every Way

And many more areas of transformation.

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