✔ Three modules filled with short video lessons covering EVERYTHING you need to succeed (Value: £67)

✔ Workbook to help you process the information, practice, journal your progress and take the simple actions that will change YOUR family.. (Value: £49)

✔ The "5 Steps To Effective Guidance" book, where you will learn the secret to effective guidance. (Value: £49)

✔ The Emotional Mastery book- Learn how to deactivate your own triggers and keep your cool in the heat of the moment. The best way to teach your kids emotional mastery is to model it. (Value: £57)

✔ The Behaviour Guide For Little Ones - We have you covered from morning mayhem, food fights, bath time shenanigans, bedtime wars, car park runaways, public meltdowns and more! (Value: £49)

Total Value: £271

Today's Price: £57