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Emotional Intelligence For Families

Our guest today, Rhea Lalla is the Founder of Build Great She is an Emotional Intelligence Specialist and Conscious Parenting Coach and has been highly effective at transforming relationships in a family system for over 20 years. Rhea continues to work with The United Nations, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mindvalley University, Children’s Aid, Fortune 500 Companies like Google and Schools and Parents globally, who want to support themselves and others, towards their highest emotional development and creating a life they love.

What I love about Rhea is her pragmatic nature and her courage to sometime share some inconvenient truth with us, in a way that inspires a deep desire for change.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to a woman who asks her kids to rate her parenting every day in the strive to do better, and show us all that we can too.

In this episode, we talk about :
1. What is Emotional intelligence and how does low Emotional Intelligence impact our lives.
2. What is the key factor that impacts our ability to develop Emotional Intelligence
3. How do we begin to assess the level of Emotional Intelligence we have.
4. Once we know where we are, what things do we do to boost our Emotional Intelligence.
5. What is disassociation and how do we do disassociate from our emotions within our families
6. Let’s talk about what things we need to get good at in order to parent kids with high Emotional Intelligence
7. What do you do when you are already triggered and can’t find the presence to self-regulated

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