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Discipline that Uplifts and Empowers – Real Restitution with Diane Gossen

Our guest today, Diane Gossen, has spent the last two decades teaching taught Control Theory throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. She has served on the faculties of several Universities and has done training for a broad range of school-based programs, drug Rehabilitation centers and correctional facilities.

She is the author of “Restitution: Restructuring School Discipline”, “My child is a Pleasure” and “and Most recently, “It’s All About We”. For me, her passion and commitment to help us shift our family dynamic to a team-like atmosphere where we tackle life challenges and problems together are evident in all that she does.

The result is a family home where power struggles are replaced with greater respect and a deeper connection. In today’s episode we cover:
1. What is restitution and how is it different from traditional forms of discipline.
2. The core skills needed for the 21st century.
3. Why is the approach of punishment and reward not suited to the development of those skills?
4. What’s the starting points for parents who would like to consider altering their parenting approach.
5. How do begin to teach control theory and restitution within our homes?

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