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A New Masterclass That Will Change The Way You Think About Reading

The Top 5 Pitfalls Of Standard Reading And
How You Can Help Your Kids Learn Anything Faster

Join Deryn Cole, co-founder of Super Reading in this FREE Masterclass as she reveals the top 5 pitfalls of standard reading and how to overcome them.

Find out how kids can improve their comprehension by up to 30% in just a few short weeks.

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What You'll Learn

1.  The Difference between decoding and reading

You may be surprised to learn that at school we don’t actually learn to read but to decode. Understanding the difference can transform your child’s academic performance.

2. Why it is now critical to foster excellent reading skills if our kids are to be successful.

Learn about the projected changes for the workforce and what it means for your kids if they are to meet the new demands and thrive.

3. Unmasking the pitfalls in standard reading that are holding your kids back.

Because we learn decoding rather than reading at school there are many strategies we are taught and some that are discouraged that impact our ability to read quickly and comprehend more the first time around.

4. Why exceptional reading skills isn’t phoenix based

Discover how dyslexics all over the world have transformed their reading ability by learning to read in a way that supports enhanced comprehension

5. Tools to stop vocabulary for limiting your kids reading ability.

There are a host of study tools that help memory, recall and help kids keep reading as they come across new words. While they aren’t usually taught at school, they can make a profound difference to your child long term education.

By the end of this Masterclass, you’ll have a profound new perspective for what skills your kids need to be exceptional readers and great lifelong learners.   You’ll finally see beyond the myths and inaccuracies that we’ve all been taught at school, and have the tools and knowledge to start helping your kids fall in love with reading and learning like never before.  

About Deryn and Ron Cole

Ron created SuperReading in 1995 to help technical readers in San Jose, CA (Silicon Valley). As technology was changing by the week, their reading loads were growing exponentially. They needed a real solution that allowed them to accurately absorb large amounts of highly technical information quickly. 

It took 6 months to develop. The trials at Hewlett-Packard were highly successful. Within a year SuperReading was also being taught at Apple, IBM, AMD, Compaq, Sun, Cisco, Fujitsu, Philips and many more companies.

Since then Ron and his wife Deryn have been helping many other companies, schools and thousands of families across the globe transform their academic and career performance by transforming how they read and how much they comprehend. 

Super Reading Stories...

Yesterday after the class I remarked how my daughter
Valerie was reading a book in her room last Saturday afternoon. You smiled and said that was great.

What you don’t understand is that this is a 15-year-old girl who’s never picked up a book in her life! She was glued to the book and so happy to be reading.

I thought to myself, who is this academic kid and what have they done with my daughter? 

Whatever you’re doing in that class it’s working. She loves to read books now and prefers it to staring at social media all day. My jaw is on the floor. I also have tears in my eyes. This means the world to me. I can actually see a bright future for her.

Just don’t tell her I said that! “Oh mom, you’re SO embarrassing!” Thank you.
Amazing. Thank you.
Val’s Mom

Reading before the SuperReading class was not an enjoyable experience. My mind would wander, and I would find after reading the same paragraph, even the same sentence, over and over, I still didn’t know what it was I had read. 

Reading material was piling higher and higher. In my field, technology changes daily and the need to
keep current is a necessity.

Now with the tools I have acquired through this class,
reading is no longer a “chore.” I remember what I read and can even recall what I read days and even weeks later. It really works.
Liz Abe-Meredith

Before taking this class, I didn’t enjoy reading because I could never comprehend much, so it was like a waste
of time. I would usually just read little articles from
magazines and newspapers that I had interest in.

Now I am able to quickly go through any material and read through the page as if I’m skimming and pick up about 80% of the material in much less time. 

I am able to read through several chapters in a
book and pick up all the necessary information for
tests in minutes, instead of hours because I am able to
focus on the material and didn’t have to reread a
paragraph 10 times because my mind wandered.

SuperReading saved me a lot of time. I feel smart when flying trough a book and people are watching in
Hong Lam, Software Engineer
General Dynamics

This Masterclass Is Hosted by Nicole Telfer

NICOLE TELFER  is an author, speaker, life and family coach whose media platform serves families across the globe. A relentless agent for change, who is here to see how far she can push her own potential for connection, Nicole is working to radically shift the way we think about designing and creating our families. Her mission is to help families end the cycle of conflict, heal and learn to connect more deeply.

As founder of EmpoweredKidsTV- Nicole has helped to develop workshops and programs that have transformed families by giving parents the tools to take the actions needed to solve some of the biggest challenges that families face in the 21st century.

Nicole’s extraordinary story of transforming her own family life from one of blind disconnection, characterised by power struggles and control to leading a family that is willing to be open, vulnerable and self-compassionate in the pursuit of self-mastery and connection;  is the foundation upon which she strives to help us all raise truly EmpoweredKids.

Ready To Discover How to Transform Your Kids Academic Ability For Life?

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