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 Louise Clarke

When parents experience challenges with their children it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. They can find themselves challenged by a child like nothing or nobody ever has and it can be overwhelming; for them and for their children. Relationships can be left fragile and disconnected.

It is my passion, and I believe my purpose, to support and empower parents with a compassionate and realistic approach to help them find sustainable and practical solutions to their challenges.  There is no ‘cookie cutter’ approach to parenting. What works for one child, might not work for another. What works in one moment, might not work in the next. I work with parents to help them find a “way” that works for them and their child in each moment, whatever the moment – that is why it works and that is why it is transformational.

I am happily married with three teenage children and have experienced first-hand many of the challenges that you face: the continuing and over-arching challenge of technology is huge, not to mention the peer and academic pressures on children today. Then there’s sibling rivalry, kids not listening, discipline, bedtime, getting out of the door on time, homework, their mess, behaviour, juggling and managing the ever-growing list of extra-curricular activities available to children today. It can be stressful and as such, it is imperative that we don’t forget to look after ourselves and find solutions to the challenges in order to find harmony and balance.

I have a BSc in Physiotherapy and Parent Coach certification through the Parent Coach Institute in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University. I have also been a student of and taken extensive parent coaching courses with, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Oprah’s favourite parenting expert and author of The Conscious Parent, Out Of Control and The Awakened Family. I created The Conscious Family Organizer, a beautifully and ingeniously designed wall “calendar” that offers parents intentional, proactive parenting support and advice plus the framework to become more organized.


It is my mission to change not just parent’s lives, but children’s lives for the better, one family at a time.



P.O. Box 942873 Sacramento,
CA 94273-0001

Coaching Sessions: In Person, Skype, Zoom

 123 456 7891

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