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    Loving, supportive, outstanding families don’t just happen. They are created intentionally.

    Design Your Dream Family Life with The Connected Family’s Blueprint.
    Discover what you really want in all 8 dimensions of your family life. And get it.

    “The New Normal.”
    It’s one of the biggest new cliches – and for good reason.
    Everyone knows the social, political, and economic impact of recent events.
    But beneath the surface, you may have also felt a more personal sense of disempowerment or disconnection and overwhelm in your family.
    If you’re like many others, the way forward may not be as clear as it once was. And some of your dreams for your family- may seem either out of reach or impossible without painful compromise.
    But what if, even in the face of uncertainty and upheaval, you could not only sustain your agency and clarity of vision – but even amplify it?
    This is what you gain from Connected Family’s Blueprint: a deeply optimised family lifestyle design system that empowers you and your family to envision, design, and achieve your ultimate life together. No matter what’s happening in the world around you.

    You Can Create The Family Of Your Dreams

    Achieve Your Vision Of Success In All 8 Dimensions Of Your Family Life

    The Connected Family’s Blueprint is a transformational family design system that empowers you to ENVISION, PLAN, and ACHIEVE the absolute best family life. On your own terms, in alignment to your own values and nobody else’s.
    Most people only focus on improving their career and wealth – but in reality, the state of your family relationships shape your success, happiness and true fulfilment more than any other area.
    The Connected Family’s Blueprint takes you on an eye-opening deep dive into all 8 dimensions of your family life and empowers you to thrive in each of them: without sacrificing or compromising one area for another.

    The Connected Family’s Blueprint gives you the keys to unshakable clarity, fulfillment, love, growth, and well being on your terms.

    ✔ It allows you to break free from all external influences or circumstances – so you can get in the driver’s seat of your life, and chart your own path instead. 

    ✔The Connected Family Blueprint is a book about you and your family, created by you for you. It’s a one-of-a-kind family lifestyle design system for envisioning, planning, and achieving your personal vision of success in the 8 dimensions of family life.


    ✔ Through the Connected Family’s Blueprint Online program, you’ll be guided through every step of creating your own Family Blueprint: a deeply personal game plan that reveals who you really are, what you really want, and precisely how to achieve your vision of your ultimate family life.


    ✔ Your completed Family Blueprint will become the most important book on your shelf. You’ll use it regularly to realign with your true north, and consistently embody the actions, choices, and habits you need to achieve your biggest goals and guide your family to its fullest potential.


    ✔ Your Family Blueprint gives you the freedom to create and live by your own rules, no more tv drama posing as parenting advice. You’ll get the clarity and tools to design a breath-taking family life of authenticity, fulfilment, and perpetual growth for you and your children.

    What You'll Learn

    ✔ A Beautiful, Crystal-Clear Vision of Your Family Life

    Discover your strengths and weaknesses in the 8 dimensions of your life, set your goals and objectives for each one, and harmonise everything into a unified vision that inspires and propels you forward.


    ✔ How to Design a Truly Authentic Life

    Break free from the rules and expectations imposed on you by others – whether that is family members or society’s expectations. Achieve a beautiful alignment with the parent you want to be, and the family life you want for yourself and your children.


     How to Develop Unbreakable Resilience

    Harness your clarity of purpose and personal power to rise above the inevitable obstacles that our family will face – and even reinvent yourself in the face of challenging circumstances and transitions like divorce, career changes and health issues.


    ✔ Strengthen Your Growth Mindset

    Use your Family Blueprint as a system that unifies your family’s growth tools and learnings into one action plan for each of your 8 dimensions of family life: allowing you to live in a rhythm of ease and growth.


    ✔ Get More Done In Less Time

    Overcome habits, emotions, and patterns that disrupt what’s truly important to you. Use your Family Blueprint to stay aligned with your north star, and no longer waste time on tasks that drain from your family rather than fuel your Family Vision.


    ✔ Create an Unstoppable Team

    Use the challenges of life to bring you closer. Turn conflict into cooperation and build a team like spirit that permeates every facet of your family.


    ✔ Accelerate Your Goal Achievement

    Go far beyond traditional goal-setting methods, by creating a unified Family Vision that keeps you motivated and constantly rising up to your goals. You’ll even use tools like the Family Wheel to measure your progress and stay focused on the dimensions of life most important to your growth.

    Get The Connected Family’s Blueprint NOW and Get This FREE Bonus! ​

    The Family Round Table “The Most Powerful Tool to Help Your Family Achieve Your Goals and Vision”


    Total Value: £49

    It’s no longer disputed that what you focus on expands. Yet many of us are stuck in habits that focus on what is missing or what is wrong in our relationships.  


    This exercise is one of the most powerful exercises your family can do. It helps you to focus on your strength and meeting your needs as individuals and as a family is positive and uplifting ways. 


    You Can Get ALL OF THIS LIFE-CHANGING Info For One Low Price!

    ✔ Five modules filled with short audio lessons covering EVERYTHING you need to succeed  (Value: £97)

    ✔ Connected Family’s  Blueprint Book to help you process the information, vision, design, practice, journal your progress as a family (Value: £79)

    ✔ The Family Visioning Process. Included in the Connected Family’s  Blueprint you’ll learn how to create a powerful vision that will propel your family forward year after year. (Value: £49)

    ✔ The Family Round Table. The most powerful exercise for uplifting your family as you measure your progress and work to fill your needs. (Value: £49)

    Total Value: £274

    Today's Price: £57

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    The Connected Parent's Toolkit

    Learning to parent with connection is the key to getting kids to listen without bribes, threats or punishment…and it’s attainable through the Connected Parent’s Toolkit!

    Mama, it's time for you to stop stressing, and feeling like you have to ignore or fix things, so your child doesn’t explode...

    ✔ Are you tired of worrying if you’re being too harsh or worse too permissive?

    ✔ Are you exhausted with the explosions or fussing over what seems like nothing?

    ✔ No matter how much you try to keep them calm, the meltdowns are epic at home or when you’re out…

    ✔ Do you tiptoe around the issues you know upset your child like you’re walking on eggshells?

    ✔ You try and try until you lose your cool and end up saying or doing things you didn’t plan on just to get them to behave…

    Most Parents Picture Easy-going Fun Times With Their Kids.

    Like most parents, I pictured fun moments filled with playfulness and joy with my kids, as we moved through our days. Playful and Happy were my goals.

    Me explaining why we could or couldn’t do something and my obedient, beautiful children who were logical, would understand and comply.

    …and my perfect angels would appreciate that I was the kind of mother that explained with love rather than the mother that just said “No” or “Because I said so”…

    …With Days Filled With Love and Cuddles Of Course!

    I’m sure you had a similar picture in your mind too, right?

    But then, the reality of motherhood set in, and you fell into one of these patterns:

    ✔ Always trying to fix things so your child doesn’t lose control of their emotions

    ✔ Feeling guilty because you snapped when they wouldn’t calm down or listen

    ✔ Feeling helpless as nothing you do seems to help them settle down, stop the whining or fussing and do the simple things you need to get done, as a family

    Or maybe all of them, depending on the day!

    And You Started to Believe the Hype…

    That the “terrible twos” was actually a thing and that it extended way beyond two years of age. Families that didn’t have screaming children either:

    1. …are only in movies

    “I’ve Seen Such A Dramatic Change”  

    I’ve seen such a dramatic change in Luca (my son) since doing this program. We communicate so much better and work things out together so much easier.

    Any parent considering this program should just go for it!. It has completely changed my outlook on parenting and helped my family grow closer.

    -Annie, mother to a spirited pre-schooler

    Remember when you were pregnant with your first child and you had this picture of motherhood and the relationship you would have with your little one…

    I always pictured myself as “The Fun Mum” the one all the kids would love to be around…until I found myself yelling at the people I love the most in the world.

    Which has to mean that… The average mum struggled through this phase of motherhood, rarely gets to fully enjoy being with their kids, as they go through this critical phase of development!


    Well, Guess What?…


    While all other behaviour tips out there are putting you against your children, putting you in the role of enforcer, showing you what to  DO TO them to get them to behave…

    I’ve developed (through working with some of the leading experts, years of research and my own trial and error) a way for us to manage emotions better as a FAMILY, so NONE of us:

    ✔ Feel overwhelmed

    ✔ Out of control

    ✔ Guilty for reacting

    Imagine Being One Of The Few Everyday Mums
    Who Has Figured Out The Secrets To
    Getting Kids To Listen
    Without All The Drama…

    Moms who know these secrets are currently enjoying…


    …enjoying their days, enjoying their children, and no longer feeling like “they’re losing their sanity”!


    …carefree days that aren’t filled with public outbursts that fill them with dread overwhelm and embarrassment!  


    …who feel comfortable to express how they feel, without melting down or throwing the whole family into chaos. Strengthen your parent-child relationship using a non-punitive connection-based approach that feels good for both of you…and works


    …swapping feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, and stressed out, for an easy-to-follow plan, and children who can better manage their emotions with ease.


    …accomplishing what currently seems like the IMPOSSIBLE.
    …peaceful mornings, no battles at the table, or at bedtime and still loving each other at the end of the day!


     Know exactly what to do (and what not to do) to support your child through their big emotions and frustrations.

    Now Imagine If All of This Could Happen To YOU!

    “This Program is Amazing!”  

    This program is amazing.  More and more practice taking place and the transition is eye-opening with Olivia (daughter).

    We are so much happier, so much more connected than before. Everyday achievement gives me more energy to carry on with this fantastic skill you are sharing with me. You are transforming my life, Nicole, into something I have never felt before. It is euphoric! Thank you so much!!!

    -Emese, mother to a beautiful little girl

    I Want You to Picture This…

    As a mum with two kids that are only 20 months apart, the toddler years started out like a minefield.
    Then one day after putting my son in the naughty corner, I realised that he was reacting in the same way, as kids, I had observed being spanked with belts and even those that were tied to their beds ( I know sounds crazy but it’s true).
    I was determined to find a better way. So I…
    ✔ Spent 11 years and counting doing extensive research on family psychology
    ✔ Interviewed all the leading experts asking the toughest parenting questions
    ✔ Reviewed the studies on neuroscience, attachment, family psychology and coaching
    ✔ Studied communication in debt, to what works for FBI hostage negotiators, to those on the front of suicide hotlines, to top leaders around the globe.
    All to find the combination of tools that work best for families

    Hi I’m Nicole, and this is MY LIFE!

    Even though my life can feel as hectic as other families I’ve created a team like culture in my home that protects me from OVERWHELM.

    I no longer feel like pulling my hair out to get my kids to listen because we approach all of life’s challenges (including the to-do list) as a team.

    Because I’ve figured out the secret to connecting (and reconnecting- no family stays connected 100% of the time), my family lives by the motto “we can do anything together”!

    Now You Can Get To
    The Core Reason Why Kids Don’t Listen,
    Get Actionable Strategies To Prevent Meltdowns And
    Gain Greater Cooperation Without Having To Nag, Threaten And Bribe Your Kids

    The Connected Parent’s Toolkit!

    What's Included

    |1  What’s at the core of behaviour problems

    The magic behind The Connected Parent’s Toolkit is that it starts with helping you understand what you want to control.  Because Mama, if you don’t fully understand what is happening, you’ll have no chance of getting it under control.

    A better understanding will boost your confidence as it gives you a map of where you’re heading.

    |2  The root of your child’s triggers

    We explore 9 triggers that push our buttons no matter what our age. You’ll be able to identify exactly what may be setting your child up for a meltdown. (…you’ll also discover key insight into why you lose your cool as well.  You’ll be surprised that it isn’t what you think!)

    |3 The role communication plays…

    You’ll also be learning the different levels of communication and how they impact children, their reactions and ultimately the level of influence you have with your kids…

    |4 Processing emotions positively

    While you can reduce and avoid tantrums, you can’t avoid feelings. You’ll learn how to support your child to fully process their emotions in positive ways. A skill that will support them for the rest of their lives.

    |5 How to set the right mood for cooperation

    How to set the mood to leave your kids open to your influence and eager to co-operate (yes it’s possible)…

    And how to help your kids regain their balance quickly when the mood shifts.

    |6 How to connect when you don’t agree

    How to motivate the reluctant, defiant, or apathetic child when you both want different things in the moment.

    Any child can be motivated, you just have to learn how to reach them.

    I’ve already done all of the research, created the workbook, tested, tweaked and refined this process until I ended up with something that works.

    To make this system work for you, all you need to do is:

    ✔ Watch the short videos

    ✔ Read the workbook

    ✔ Implement the simple steps

    ✔ Start enjoying a calmer, happier more connected family.

    “My Family Is Happier, More Connected And More Loving!!”  

    Working with Nicole has not only helped me to own my parenting skills – my ability to be the parent I want and to bond and connect with my daughter, but I’ve also discovered myself. Her work is derived from passion, experience and a special type of expertise I’ve not come across before and she practices what she teaches!

    She inspires me to consider my daughter, her future, her hopes and dreams and the way my parenting impacts all of this and she equips me with the tools I need to do so, supporting myself and my daughter! It’s amazing. I’m so blessed to have come across Nicole and her work! My family is happier, more connected and more loving! Thank you, Nicole!!!

    -Leanora, mother to an amazing little girl

    I Understand The Temptation To Procrastinate…

    As a mother, home manager, businesswoman, (and really, just as a person) one of my greatest weaknesses is procrastination.

    In fact, I had to work really hard to overcome it, and honestly, it was a daily struggle, UNTIL I became passionate about helping other families find connection, peace and joy too.

    I know that if I want to be successful in everything that’s important to me, I have to conquer procrastination…

    Because your happiness and the happiness of your kids are so important to me, I don’t want you to procrastinate in redefining how you will communicate and manage those big emotions…

    I’m going to sweeten this deal and add a bunch of FREE resources to help you…

    But only if you take action and purchase within the next 24 hours…


    Get The Connected Parent’s Toolkit NOW and 
    Get These FREE Bonuses!

    BONUS #1 

    5 Steps To Effective Guidance

    “How to Help Kids Develop Self Discipline without Crushing Their Spirit”

    Total Value: £49

    Most of the time when your kids have an outburst there needs to be some behaviour guidance, some behaviour they need to change in the future. The 5 Steps to Effective Guidance is the KEY to making sure that your kids learn how to develop the self-discipline they need to reach for better actions each time. Words don’t teach, only life experience teaches and this book shows you how to use those experiences to help guide your child in ways that empower and uplift them to be their best.

    BONUS #2 

    Emotional Mastery

    “How to Keep Your Cool When Your Kids Push Your Buttons”

    Total Value: £57

    Many times, we are chin up in parent guilt because we lost our cool, yelled, threatened, or punished just to get our kids to stop their meltdown and behave. This guide will show you how to keep your cool in the heat of the moment and how to deactivate your own buttons so no one can push you off balance emotionally. This guide can change ALL of your relationships.

    BONUS #3 

    The Behaviour Guide

    “How to Navigate Through the Most Common Challenges Parents of Little One’s Face”

    Total Value: £57

    Never feel lost again. Packed with Q&A for the most common challenges that parents of 2-7-year olds face, you’ll have access to guidance to boost your confidence and remind you of the path to greater cooperation. Featuring over 15 leading conscious parenting coaches, including Dr Laura Markham and Pamela Leo, this book will support you for many years to come.

    Info For One Low Price! 

    ✔ Three modules filled with short video lessons covering EVERYTHING you need to succeed (Value: £67)

    ✔ Workbook to help you process the information, practice, journal your progress and take the simple actions that will change YOUR family.. (Value: £49)

    ✔ The “5 Steps To Effective Guidance” book, where you will learn the secret to effective guidance. (Value: £49)

    ✔ The Emotional Mastery book- Learn how to deactivate your own triggers and keep your cool in the heat of the moment. The best way to teach your kids emotional mastery is to model it. (Value: £57)

    ✔ The Behaviour Guide For Little Ones – We have you covered from morning mayhem, food fights, bath time shenanigans, bedtime wars, car park runaways, public meltdowns and more! (Value: £49)

    Total Value: £271

    Today’s Price: £57

    If Within 30 Days You’re Not 100% Satisfied,
    I will Happily Refund You.

    Look, you’ve seen now what a huge difference working together as a TEAM to support each other emotionally can have on your family, all by using The Connected Parent’s Toolkit.

    You saw how other moms are following these strategies and FINALLY winning the “not listening” battle!”I’ve wrapped up everything you could possibly need to succeed at managing emotional outbursts in your family, with a beautiful bow, and I’m nearly giving it away…

    With a guarantee that will cover you, IF this isn’t exactly what you need. Go through the materials, really put some effort into it, if within 30 days you don’t feel it is worth what you paid, just send me an email for a refund.

    The Way I See It, You Have Three Options…

    OPTION #1

    Do Nothing

    And keep experiencing the overwhelming frustration of your kids not listening, battling the meltdowns and the guilt of losing your cool while trying to get through everyday tasks.

    If battling with meltdowns as they come up is working for you then maybe you don’t need this program.

    But! If you would like to finally get the confidence to get your kids to listen without threats and bribes, tackle tantrums and meltdowns head-on, that leaves you with two other options…

     OPTION #2

    Do It Yourself

    You can try to draft your own plan as I did MANY years ago.

    Research the neuroscience so that you can understand what is happening for your child and yourself through these communication breakdowns and meltdowns.

    Read an awful lot of books and research papers on communication and parenting to gain greater influence and leave your children open to cooperating.

    Talk to all of the real experts ( those that have done the research and helped thousands of families), get their strategies, and then put it all together into a plan that actually works.

    If you’re willing to work REALLY hard and spend hours and hours in front of your computer, in trial and error, and in study, then you probably can pull it off.

    OPTION #3

    Let Me Do The Heavy Lifting For You

    I have already done all of the work for you, and I’ve been implementing it for YEARS successfully!

    I’ve already done all of the research, created the workbook, tested, tweaked and refined the entire process until I ended up with something that works like magic.

    All you need to do is watch the short videos, do the exercises in the workbook, implement, and start enjoying a calmer family with your sanity in tack!

    Of these three options, ask yourself… What’s going to be easier for you?

    You See, There Are Two Types Of Moms In This World…

    Those who only dream of achieving a peaceful, playful and joy-filled home, but never take action to actually make it happen #Procrastination…

    And those Moms who are ready to put in the work when the solution to their problems appears.

    Most Moms will tell you that they DO want their children to learn how to manage their emotions better and that they DO want their kids to express themselves in more positive ways…

    But we both know that very few actually make it happen. The classic tale of the doer and the dreamer. Most Moms WILL keep dreaming (and continue being frustrated)…

    While the few who are actually intentional about their families and the relationship they are building with their kids will take the action needed. Since you’ve gotten this far reading, I think you’re one of the few special ones. One of the serious moms that I’m looking for…

    If I’m right, and you’re still with me, go ahead and join me, and let’s transform your FAMILY. Only you can decide…

    1. Who is this program for?
    Parents, grandparents and carers of kids aged 2-7 years old.
    2. How long will I have access to the course?
    This course has lifetime access! You will also receive any future updates to the course!
    3. Do you really refund if I’m not happy?
    I’m serious about the refund policy, but I’m more serious about the course. It does require some effort though, so if you aren’t ready to commit, this isn’t the right move for you.
    4. Is there a physical version for all the printables?
    Not currently. We are working on creating a hardcopy workbook that can be purchased for an additional fee and mailed to you.
    5. Is this a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription?
    This is a one time purchase.
    6. What if I need additional help?
    Whether you need technical help or help with a specific parenting challenge that has come up for you, you can write to us at academy @ empoweredkidstv.com and we’ll reach out to support.

    ✔ Three modules filled with short video lessons covering EVERYTHING you need to succeed (Value: £67)

    ✔ Workbook to help you process the information, practice, journal your progress and take the simple actions that will change YOUR family.. (Value: £49)

    ✔ The “5 Steps To Effective Guidance” book, where you will learn the secret to effective guidance. (Value: £49)

    ✔ The Emotional Mastery book- Learn how to deactivate your own triggers and keep your cool in the heat of the moment. The best way to teach your kids emotional mastery is to model it. (Value: £57)

    ✔ The Behaviour Guide For Little Ones – We have you covered from morning mayhem, food fights, bath time shenanigans, bedtime wars, car park runaways, public meltdowns and more! (Value: £49)

    Total Value: £271

    Today’s Price: £57