Can You Spoil Your Kids?

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Early in my parenting journey, I was consumed by the fear that I would spoil my kids. Should I let them fall asleep on my chest as infants? Do I rock them to sleep as babies? Do I hold them when their emotions seem to overwhelm them as toddlers or leave them to calm down on their own? At each turn, I could hear arguments for and against. Yet the argument that hit home the most was that I would spoil them.

When I took a step back these claims seem to suggest that I could somehow love my kids too much, that my love would produce emotional immaturity. While I could logically see the irrational and downright silliness in some of these claims, the fear still lingered.

Alfie Khon has done research into the claim that as a generation we are spoiling our kids.

His findings were insightful. They shed light on the claim that we are spoiling our kids, as well as the arguments for and against that plagued my early parenting.

As always we’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do you think you can spoil your kids by loving them too much?

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