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In my search for ways to connect more deeply with my kids, there has been one universal truth, the relationship approaches that worked have been hinged on me connecting more deeply with myself first.

None of them has had the power as The Work by Byron Katie to help me see myself in the way I “really” show up in my relationships.  You know what I mean right, there is the way you see yourself and then there is the way others see you- both of these perspectives are colours by our old beliefs and inner pain. The truth arises when you can look within and see who you are being, who you are showing up as in any moment.

This is the gift that Katie gave to me.

I’ll be the first to tell you that while you’ll find The Work offered by Katie simple, it requires a deep level of courage and vulnerability that I was not use to. If you would dig deep and just try this for as little as 2 weeks you’ll see a shift in your relationships. At first you’ll want to believe that magically everyone around you seemed to have changed (because you know we’ve been conditioned to believe that all our relationship stress would go away if the other person would just behave), but within a short space of time you’ll see the mastery of your own creative power to shape your relationships and your life by simply changing the way that you show up.

Katie shares :

  • why our kids are great at pushing our buttons,
  • how to hold a space for others so that you can truly move into unconditional love and how to use The Work to free yourself from the grips of frustration, anger and suffering
  • and how to begin to love yourself in a whole new way.

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With Love and Gratitude


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