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Create The Family Of Your Dreams

Find programs on parenting, courses to help your kids develop the 21st-century life skills needed for success in a fast-paced and uncertain world and support for schools to ensure no child is left behind.


Parenting Support

There is no greater and more challenging role than that of being a parent. Find support for everyday challenges as well as bigger more critical issues from leading experts that have all worked to help thousands of families, reduce conflict and find a deeper connection. 


Kids & Juniors

Help kids build resilience, social skills and a love for learning that will support their success throughout their lives.



Find Courses and Clubs aimed at empowering teens. From building the right mindset, emotional mastery and possibility thinking, help your teens get ready for adulthood with greater confidence.


For Schools

Find out how we can help your school support kids through powerful training programs that are built with teachers in mind and that foster a child-teacher-parent connection.

Get Support for the Most Common Parenting Challenges In this Free Guide


This one of a kid, Q&A Guide contains Support from over 15 leading Conscious Parenting Coaches, all of whom are working to help you tackle some of the most common challenges parents of 2-7-year-olds face. Click here to get a copy now!

Get Started With Our Featured Course

Learn the core reason why kids don't listen, get actionable strategies to prevent meltdowns, and gain greater cooperation without having to yell, nag, bribe or threaten your kids.

EmpoweredKidsTV on the Web

Free Resources to support you every step of the way.

Expert Series

Each week we take a deep dive into some of the biggest challenges facing families with the leading experts from across the globe.

FireSide Talks

Every Monday we gather around the virtual fireside, with support from conscious parenting coaches to meet you in the trenches and help when you need it most. This is a safe and non-judgmental community that parents from all over the globe rely on. Because it still takes a village!

Village Talk

Conscious Parenting Coaches answer some of your toughest everyday parenting questions.

Morning Family Affirmations

Join in the morning affirmation challenge. Try doing these for 30 days with your kids each morning and watch the magic happen, as they step out the door a little more confident each day. Created in partnership with Rev Michael Beckwith of the Agape International Spiritual Center, these may just be the most powerful words you've ever said to your child.

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